About us

Despite the fact that Estonian company Insite Media Group was established fairly recently, our synergetic team is composed of excellent and qualified experts, who have been involved in their fields of activity for a long time.

While speaking of the sphere of our activity in general, we would say that we render assistance to other companies, both novice and those, who are present in the marketplace for a long time, to properly structure their business in relation to the Internet media. Making far wider use of the Internet resources, we help our customers to have a fresh look on this media to find new solutions, which would enable to simplify both internal and external operational processes.

We can offer you a whole range of services, among which the main areas of our business are:

  • Development of corporate style; printed matter, audio and video products; advertising campaigns;
  • Development of interactively controlled Internet sites
  • Development of integrated Intranet- and Internet concepts for business management.

Those, who apply us, can count on our support in the future. Even though by any reason you decide not to buy our services, you may be sure that our qualified personnel will give you competent advice.

Keeping up with the times and using up-to-date technologies, basing on more qualitative and prospective developments, we keep in mind that any interactive information system should be as easy, understandable and friendly to users as possible. We pay much attention to working out both sophisticated program interfaces, and ordinary web-sites, for our customers to always have the required information at hand and to have no problem with finding it.

If you would like to get information on our services in more detail, please, take a look at the list of services. Should you have any questions, contact us in every way which is convenient to you.

It is only master’s works that are speaking proofs of his skill. That is why we offer you an opportunity to familiarize yourselves with our portfolio.

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