Any, even though a small company, whose management has at least once mused on the image of their own business, would undoubtedly require their corporate style. It is irrespectively of the activity you are involved in, whether it is haulage or baking buns, your desire is that your products or services are recognizable. And even if you never require the complete corporate branding package, nearly every company is to have a logo of their own. Everyone would agree that one of the main items of a corporate identity is business cards. More sophisticated businessmen would be interested in company’s letterhead, corporate seal, envelopes, calenders, development of additional trademarks for their products, and even in developing a special booklet, a so-called brandbook, which describes in detail when and in what way the logo images are to be used.

Well-done advertisement undoubtedly enhances the merchandising of goods and services in the market. Nowadays, the types of advertising are great in number and this number is growing from day to day. Below is the list of those that is far from being complete.

  • Outdoor banners and advertising bills;
  • Advertisements in various printed matter and posters;
  • Advertising audio clips in radiocast programs;
  • Advertising video clips in telecast programs;
  • Banners, announcements and other advertisements on the Internet.

Surely, it is your company’s car that provides the advertising space, which is absolutely free of charge. That is why automobiles bearing a company’s logo or advertisements can be seen more and more often.

A separate item on this list is a company’s Web-page on the Internet. These are created for different reasons, but they have one feature in common – it is your company’s image, or speaking in other words, your company’s representation in the Internet medium. We will mention some types of the companies’ sites:

  • Business Card Site aimed at familiarizing a visitor with the company and services it renders;
  • News Site intended for the companies whose customers are to be aware of the changes continuously taking place therein;
  • Catalogue Site whereon a visitor has an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the company’s range of products;
  • Internet Portal will be of interest for the companies that have chosen the Internet as one of the main fields of their activity
  • E-shop, whereon one can place an order or purchase company’s products.

The more sophisticated your site is getting, the more difficult it becomes to manage it and to update the information placed there. It is CMS (Content Management System), a special program system enabling the access to the site contents to be edited, that will assist you in this job. It would be very difficult to run site-portals or e-shops without such control systems.

Recently, Web-programming has also found wide application in the field of specialized CMR systems intended for business management (automated posting, customer management systems, running projects, daily performance record, warehouse inventory keeping and even accounting).

Out company, in its turn, is involved in rendering all the services enlisted above. Contact us, and we will be glad to assist you in the making and developing your business.

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