Insite CMS

inSite CMSThe inSite CMS is a universal software product for creating, backing-up and successful developing of an Internet project. The convenient and easy-to-understand interface enables to effectively execute the site management, without necessity to attract IT- or HTML layout experts. It becomes no more complicated to manage the project than to create documents in the Office Word Processor.

The inSite CMS incorporates various modules that enable to manage the information content of the site, the structure, forums, advertisements as well as to distribute the rights between the user groups, to look through the site visiting statistics.

Due to the flexibility in the system tuning, any following elements can be displayed on the page:

  • Text and images,
  • Blocks of information (news, press-releases, reports etc.),
  • Gallery
  • Catalogue of goods,
  • Web-forms,
  • Questionnaires,
  • Guestbook and comments to articles,
  • Subscription form,
  • Advertising banners,
  • Internet-shop basket
  • Payment system Banklink.

By the use of pluggable modules, the product enables to solve the problem of building the majority of Internet sites of any logical structure and page design. Projects employing specific logics, as a rule, can be also developed on the basis of the inSite CMS by compiling individual modules for the system.


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